How much density can I anticipate from a hair transplant surgery? | Miami Hair Transplant Q&A Series

Welcome to the Hair Transplant Blog, Dr. Matt Huebner here. As part of an ongoing Miami Hair Transplant Question and Answer series I wanted to address a topic a lot hair loss patients bring up regarding how much density they can anticipate from a hair transplant surgery.

In general, the density that one can expect from a hair transplant is 30%-40% increased density in any area of work.  A thinner hair type would yield closer to 30%, while a thicker or curlier hair type would yield closer to 40%.  This is in comparison to the hair transplant surgery donor area-assuming that to be 100% density.  In areas that already have some natural hair, the addition of 30-40% to the area is generally sufficient (when added to the natural hair) to satisfy most patients.  However, in an area that has no natural hair to help out, the addition of 30-40% makes a positive change, but some patients will require a second pass in the same area to reach their final goal in terms of density.

The way that a person styles their hair also plays a role in the hair transplant density conversation.  For example, someone that styles their hair to the left or right or forward is going to create more density than a person that styles their hair straight up and back.  Also, the use of styling products like hair gel, for example, would tend to make the hair stringy and take away from the density.  The length that someone wears their hair also plays a role, with longer length making it easier to create density.

We always tell our hair loss patients that it might take a second pass to have them achieve their hair transplant goals.  And while we have amazing single hair transplant surgery results, we also have patients that decide a second pass is the right choice for them.  Everyone is different in terms of the amount of hair transplant density that will ultimately make them happy.  Hair restoration is not an exact science, and as such the results can vary from person to person.

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